Haarmonie for your dog

The well-being of a dog is always dear to its owner's heart, and the loving care of a dog's body and fur always plays an important role. At Haarmonie you will find a complete range of care services that meet the highest demands.

In a classy and relaxed atmosphere we will treat your favourite pet professionally and with a high amount of patience and respect for its individual needs and your personal wishes. This is why every dog - whether big or small, young or old, wiry or plump - ​​feels calm and relaxed in our salon.

In our salon we use only high-quality care products that we are happy to offer for use at home. We choose each product for your dog individually, according to the fur and skin type. The care is always tailored perfectly to the dog's needs. For dogs with skin irritations we offer medical baths. We are also happy to help your ‘best friend’ with the natural process of shedding its coat.

Who we are

My name is Silke Schubert and I am the owner of the HAARMONIEsalon. Many years ago, my caring love of dogs and, of course, my specialised professional training motivated me to open the salon. Continuous further training by internationally renowned trainers is a part of our concept.

Our philosophy is to care for each dog individually and lovingly take care of them in our air-conditioned treatment room. In our salon you will not find anysmall boxes in which the dogs have to stay, whether for treatment or while waiting.

How we work

At the beginning of each treatment, we make an in-depth evaluation of each dog in order to assess the required care. We will also talk with you in detail about individual wishes and needs.

The price of the treatment varies, depending on the nature and extent of care that your dog needs. The care needed for very matted or dirty fur, for example, is higher than for a dog that visits our salon regularly. This is why an accurate price estimation via telephone is often not possible. We would therefore suggest a visit to our salon so that we can advise you personally.

Just make an appointment!

At Haarmonie you will get an exclusive treatment appointment. In order for us to reliably keep our appointments, we ask you to be on time when bringing in and picking up your dog.

It is no problem if you have to cancel your appointment up to 24 hours before the treatment. If unforeseen circumstances arise, please let us know as soon as possible.

If you cannot reach us by phone, it means that we are currently taking care of another dog. In this case, please leave a message on the voicemail including your telephone number or use our contact form. We will contact you shortly.

For safety reasons, we ask you to keep dogs on their leads at all times while you are in the salon. Please make sure that your dog can relieve itself before the visit to our salon.

We are looking forward to your visit.